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In Burlington, many new homeowners are installing granite countertops. There are a number of excellent reasons for this, including:
  • Beauty. Natural stone is one of the most attractive materials used in building and design. The timeless beauty of fine stone like granite will endure for generations, and is associated with fine art and architecture through the ages. Famous contemporary buildings like the Sydney Opera House, as well as historically significant ones such as the Roman Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and St. Paul's Cathedral feature granite elements.
  • Affordability. Recent decades have brought innovations in the technology used to extract and cut granite slab. This means that fine stone, once accessible only to the wealthy, has become far more affordable.
  • Durability.Granite is an igneous rock, one of the hardest substances in the world. Granite is heat resistant, scratch and nick resistant, and rarely cracks or chips.
  • Ease of Care. With proper care, your granite countertops will stay looking as beautiful as when they were first installed. Granite requires only a damp cloth to wipe up spills, gentle stone soap for washing, and an annual resealing.
  • Variety.Granite is available in nearly every region of the world, and it comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns. From faintly flecked solid neutral tones like white, beige, grey, and brown, to deep black veined with gold, or jewel tones crisscrossed by bold patterning, there is a granite for every taste and decorating style.

Stone, Fabrication, and Installation

When choosing a supplier, look for one that provides service from start to finish. Better stone suppliers maintain a showroom containing hundreds if not thousands of stone slabs to choose from. Knowledgeable staff should be able to help you select the stone that works best for your home.
The next step is fabrication. It's important for you to find a supplier who can also do the fabrication and installation of your granite slab. Trying to deal with different companies for different aspects of the process can be frustrating, and often leads to miscommunication. Find a stone supplier that fabricates using CNC technology. Computer aided design (CAD) works with CNC saws, milling machines, and routers to ensure that your countertop is cut to precise measurements. CNC technology is much more efficient than other types of processing, making it possible to do work that used to take days in just a few hours.
Options for different types of edges are often more numerous with CNC stone fabrication; the type of finish and the type of edge used on countertops can really affect their appearance. Common edges include simple ones such as the straight edge, the bevel, and the waterfall edge, but also more ornate edges like the ogee, the bullnose, or combinations such as the ogee bullnose, or the waterfall setback. Another aspect that affects appearance is the finish. The three most common granite finishes are:
  1. Polish, a very shiny, glossy finish.
  2. Honed or matte, a smooth but less slippery finish.
  3. Leathered, a specialty finish where the stone looks "river-washed.”
Bring the beauty of natural granite to your Burlington home today!

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